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 Using Berlin's Wall

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Berlin's Wall


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PostSubject: Using Berlin's Wall   Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:43 pm

Here's how she looks like:

Rapresents: Berlin's Wall
Real Name: Natalia Kozlov

She acts a lot like a militar leader, always yelling and insulting people, but in general she is very nice to soviet countries, but on the other hand, she hates every country that is part of the N.A.T.O., but most France, England, Italy and, of course, America. She doesn't really care about Germany or Prussia, she acts like they don't exist, even throught her monument was built in Berlin.

Particularities: She is very short, clothes like a soviet caporal and for the most she carries a shotgun with her.

To role with her, the RolePlay must be set during the Cold War, since she dies when the Berlin's Wall falls. (1989)

Hope she is a okay character!
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Using Berlin's Wall
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