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 Claiming Fem!America

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Amelia Jones (F!America)

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PostSubject: Claiming Fem!America   Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:14 pm

Human name (first and last): Amelia Jones

Name of the place they represent: The United States of America

Age (both in human and rep years): 19; exact age unknown, but was born around the late 1400s

Birthday: July 4th

Brief physical description (not required for canon characters): She is a canon character, but I'll fill this out anyway~
5’6 and 120 pounds. She has shoulder-length, wavy, sandy-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She’s curvy, though not excessively so, and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. She can generally be seen wearing crop tops, short shorts or skirts, and boots. She only wears more formal clothes if forced, and tends to fall all over herself in heels.

Brief personality description:
Amelia is a stereotypical cowgirl. She loves drinking, rodeos, and big trucks. She spent a lot of time on the west coast during the California Gold Rush and learned how to get down and dirty with the men. She can wrestle a pig, corral a stampede of cattle without getting trampled, she’s a halfway decent shot, and she’s mastered the art of using her ‘feminine wiles’ to get what she wants from men. However, the art of manners and etiquette in polite society sort of went over her head. She can be a bit dense when it comes to the subtleties of communication, but she’s not stupid, and when she realizes she’s done something wrong, she’ll always go out of her way to make things right. She can also be somewhat motherly when it comes to her family, but this is not always a good thing as it can result in angry!motherbear!Amelia, and woe to anyone who gets on the wrong side of that. Having spent more time in the West than her male counterpart, Amelia has a distinct Western accent, which becomes even more exaggerated (and sometimes completely impossible to understand) when she’s drunk.
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Claiming Fem!America
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